Thursday, April 24, 2003

Another day , Another Internet fad that starts out free and ends up costing money...Oh well, since I'm ever one to jump on a bandwagon, here goes nothing...Literally. This will likely just turn out to be just another of my well-intentioned exercises in journal keeping which will end up abandoned due to boredom or short attention span. I have dozens of blank books that I purchased with the purest of intentions. And all of them start with expressions of dedication to journal writing, and how I will faithfully write everyday to keep a record of my adventures and thoughts. And every one of them ends after about 3 entries. So why am I trying again? Beats the hell out of me.
What compells me to think that the rest of the world gives a good long crap about what I had for breakfast, or what I think about anything? Ego or Insecurity? And aren't they the same thing? Our way of saying, "Look Everyone, I'm Dancing!!!"
Or maybe I'm just being cynical...
...that or I've had too much caffeine
I had a lot more fascinating stuff to say here and in fact wrote it down, but ,thanks to the vagaries of the internet, the whole thing disappeared as soon as I hit publish...Too Bad, too. Some of it was really good stuff. Unfortunately as I age , my short term memory is going so I can't remember any of it, but trust me you would have laughed.
So anyway here it is, for good or ill. I can't promise to write everyday, but I'll try to when I think I have something interest to say, or if I've had a nice breakfast. Anyway I don't intend for this to be a diary. I don't know what I intend it to be. But if anybody happens to be reading it and don't see anything new for awhile, don't panic. I either don't have anything I wish to pass on at the moment, or I've grown bored with the whole enterprise, or I've found a new fad.
Now that we understand the ground rules, Onward...
This morning I had Lucky Charms for breakfast. You?

For Next Time: Reality TV is neither. Discuss. Not too Heatedly.

"Ninety per cent of Everything is Crap" - Sturgeons Law