Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

November 29th is my Birthday. I share this birthday with (among millions of others no doubt) John Harvard (whom Harvard College is named after) Louisa May Alcott (Little Women) Busby Berkeley (director of 42nd Street and many other elaborate musicals) C.S. Lewis (author of the Narnia Books among many others), Merle Travis (songwriter 16 Tons, Smoke, Smoke, Smoke), Madeleine L’Engle (author of A Wrinkle in Time, Canadian), Minnie Minoso (White Sox Outfielder),Vin Scully (voice of the Dodgers) Jacques Chirac (President of France), Diane Ladd (Actress), John Mayall (Blues Player), Chuck Mangione (Horny Guy), Denny Doherty (Mamas & Papas, Canadian), Felix Cavaliere (Young Rascals), Suzy Chaffee aka Suzy Chapstick (Skier), Gary Shandling (comedian and Larry Sanders), Howie Mandel(Comedian and Canadian),Cathy Moriarty (Raging Bull), Kim Delaney(NYPD Blue)Andrew McCarthy (Brat Packer), Don Cheadle (Actor and New Rat Packer) Jonathan Knight (New Kid on the Block) Joel Coen (Favorite Director).

I get to be 46 this year. I say “get” because I never thought I’d make it to this age. When I was a teenager I figured that I would never make 30. When I was 25 the figure changed to 35. Close to 35 it became 40 briefly, then 45. I promised myself setting these arbitrary dates if I made it past 45. Having said that I will probably drop dead as I’m writing this.

I think Tom Stoppard said something about the moment when we realized we don’t go on forever, that we will eventually cease to exist, and wonders when that was. I know exactly where and when it was. I came to this realization for no apparent reason on my 8th birthday. It just hit me out of nowhere. I was sitting there in a neighbour’s apartment having cake, and there it was “You are going to die someday”. Scared the crap out of me I can tell you. Even the memory of it creeps me out.

And the moment coloured everything that came after. Add to it hypochondria, and anxiety disorders, and there are times when life isn’t a lot of fun sometimes. But I’ve made it so far *knock wood*.

Besides, I got the “King Kong” box set. All’s right with the World.

And it’s my Birthday...