Monday, April 28, 2003

I had something to say about Art today, but I think I lost it.
My Art that is.
I used to function in several of the arts with varying degrees of skill. I've acted in and directed many plays and even written a few. I draw, have even had a couple of my cartoons published and designed a cd package for a prominent folk singer.
But for some reason I can't seem to do it anymore. Or at least finish it....Oh I've started a bunch of things which eventually go nowhere. Plays, screenplays, paintings ( I will confess here and now that I am a lousy painter.) they sit in limbo waiting for me to spare them some attention, which I have little to no desire to do.
I think it's because of the book.
I wrote a book,see, and it took about a year to do. And I think it's pretty good. My wife thinks it's great. Other people who've read it think it's great and has potential to be a movie.
However nobody in the publishing industry wants a damn thing to do with it. Agents, publishers ...Anybody who could make this little tome of mine see the light of day wants nothing to do with it. And I think that that's a darn shame.
Do I sound bitter? Oops...
I don't think I have any pretensions about the material. It's not literature. It's not a work of staggering genius. It's just an entertaining story about a bunch of kids in 1952 who end up inadvertantly thwarting a real Communist plot while emulating their favorite movie serial heroes. It's called The Great Heroes League, and I am rather proud of it.
But you will probably never get to read it. And that's too bad.
Maybe it's a bad book. I may be kidding myself. My wife could be kidding me. So could all the others who've read it. Maybe it stinks on ice, and people are afraid to tell me.
Anyway, ever since I've finished it , and the rewrites. I got the creative equivalent of nothing.
Oh sure, there have been extenuating circumstances for the past year, but I've had bad times before and been able to do my stuff.
I think the colossal indifference might have something to do with it, but I don't care...
Yes I know.
Bad Joke
Okay...I've done whining. For now.
But remember, Support the Arts!
And if you can't support the Arts, how about supporting the Artist...I'm not proud..How about it..? Spare change ?

" This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly. It should be hurled with great force"- Dorothy Parker

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