Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Let's talk about procrastination...
Wait a minute...*fixes breakfast, checks email, eats breakfast, chats*
Now, where were we?
Oh yeah, procrastination...Hang on a sec...*goes to the john, takes an Advil™, changes discs in CD player*
Now, Procrastination *adjusts chair, blows nose, gets drink, adjusts chair again, changes lightbulb*
As I was about to say I am very good at *makes a phone call, plays with the cats, watches Judge Mathis*
I fact I wrote a song about it. Goes like this...


Verse 1

I’ll get around to

Writing that novel

Making that sculpture

Planting that tree

And I’ll get around to

Taking that walk or

Drawing that picture

Looking for me

Verse 2

I’ll get around to

Loving my neighbor

Helping the homeless

Making a plan

And I’ll get around to

Saving the union

Climbing up Everest

Giving a damn…



Short Attention Span

What’s that fly doing on the wall?

Putting off today

Until tomorrow comes

If tomorrow comes at all


I’d be a wonderful guy with my act all together

Getting all of my ducks in a row

But thus far I haven’t run out of excuses

Yet someday somehow I know


Verse 3

I’ll get around to…

Sending that letter

Treating dogs better

Giving up meat

I’ll get around to…

Paying the phone bill

Taking that chill pill

Trying to be sweet

Verse 4

And I’ll get around to…

Lifting my head up

Finding my Get Up

Righting that wrong

I’ll get around to…

Picking the pace up

Cleaning my place up

Ending this …

(c) 2002 Mykiller Songs

...and one of these days I'll get around to putting music to it.

" It's Now or Never..."-Elvis

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